Emergency works at Clothing Store

The words “emergency” or “urgent” form part of the book “words not to use with a contractor”.

For some reason most companies turn into the stereotypical car mechanic when they hear these said. Instead of tyre kicking they’re calculator tapping and often resulting in the works fitting conveniently into their calendar anyway, but with an extra zero on the end. Not UP though!

We pride ourselves on doing our best and treating all of our customers with honesty and integrity. So when the call came through, on a Monday, to form some openings and block up some risers before the grand opening, which was on the Saturday, UP to the rescue.

Key points:

Emergency works to ensure the shop was opened on time.

Materials needed to be hand maneuvered from the designated parking zones to area of work, as no loading was constantly in operation.

All risk and method statements were written and cross checked by the clients health and safety team.

The works were completed on time and the clothing store was able to have its grand opening.