External works at Peterborough depot

When it comes to slowing the traffic down, we’re your guys!

We were asked to install a number of speed bumps, speed signs, Armco barriers, road markings, tactile paving and some custom-made lorry stops. This was to ensure the safety of the employees, visitors and customers of the depot.

We were also asked to install a new road gully to prevent flooding in a certain area of the site. This required traffic management and a lot of Chapter 8 barrier (the orange ones). Due to the size and how much the site was used on a daily basis the planning had to be as good as it could be. Working with our client we were able to put a plan in place to allow the works to be carried out safely, which meant no one was hurt.

Key points:

Strategic planning to ensure access to the areas of works were available.

Approximately 200 lorries, 300 vans and over a thousand cars to manoeuvre around the site to enable to works.

Delivery times for manufacturing and installation had to be taken into account when planning the works program. These had to be as accurate as possible as the windows of opportunity were very small.