Remediation Works – Crick

It’s not uncommon for a company to get called back to site to fix something that may have gone wrong or maybe isn’t quite working as it should be. Often it just needs a little WD40 and hey presto, we’re back in business. BUT, unfortunately what is quite common is the lack of enthusiasm that companies show to get back to site to rectify these small issues. Well that’s where we are different from the rest. If your contractor is giving you the hard shoulder, playing voicemail tennis or just trying to mug you off, don’t stand for it, just give us a call. We take all shapes and sizes – big and small – we really are just that nice!

Every now and then we get put to the test, just like this one time at band camp. However, we’re not in a band and it wasn’t at a camp! Needless to say, one of our many trusted and valued customers needed our expert help, with what at first sounded like an extreme problem. Some would say Armageddon 3. Of course we were keen to jump to this opportunity and save our client from this stressful situation.

3pm the instruction came through – 'make good hole in floor.' The deadline “yesterday”. (We are pretty good, but we’re not that good) With the assumption that this was going to be a hole big enough to fit a Reliant Robin, we thought we had better prepare for the worst and head straight out there in the morning.

Morning came, it was a glorious start, brisk and nearing the end of Autumn. What did seem odd, was it wasn’t raining, an unusual occurrence in the UK. What seemed even more strange was the lack of traffic on the road. Just kidding, this isn’t a fairy tale!

We arrived at site armed and fully loaded, only to find out the momentous hole was actually this: [insert photo here] It turned out a door stop had been removed and what was left was a 5mm diameter hole. The hole was filled and everyone lived happily ever after.

The moral of this story is “It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela.