Royal Mail National Distribution Centre

Royal Mail National Distribution Centre

Fuel  Island - Canopy Works

The fuel island had to be fully operational whilst all works were being carried out. The protective barrier was designed and installed to ensure safety to drivers whilst re-fueling their vehicles.

All services were live, so only surface excavations were able to happen before returning to hand dig.  Trenches were dug cross ways through to location any existing services.

Normally the re-inforced concrete bases are installed, the steel columns are then fitted and the the canopy lid is designed to the structure.  Due to time restraints, the canopy lid was designed and built prior to the installation of the bases so it was imperative all bolt boxes were inline, within a 25mm tolerance.

MASH B Removal and demolition

The building is 24 hour operational. A through passage between arrivals and collections was to be maintained at all times. This presented logistical and safety challenges.

Due to the direct loaded weight above where the area of wall was to be demolished a specialist propping system had to be designed and approved prior to any works commencing. Dust suppression was a priority for all workers within the building. Only electric powered plant and machinery was to be used.

The works were carried out in split phases and with liasing with the building operators to ensure minimal disruption to workers.